At Greenco Solutions we offer the following range of services:

solar Power

Cut your electricity bills - reduce the impact of increasing power charges - and sell the excess.

led lighting

Reduce power consumption while brightening up your home.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are the latest and most exciting technological advancement in the lighting industry. LEDs are small, solid light bulbs which are extremely energy efficient and long lasting.   LEDs operate differently than traditional incandescent light bulbs.   This makes LEDs far more rugged and durable than traditional incandescent light bulbs.   LED technology also offers many additional advantages over incandescent, neon and compact fluorescent lighting devices - such as exceptionally longer life span (60,000 hours), much lower energy usage (90% more efficient), reduced maintenance costs and higher safety.

energy efficient hot water solutions

Modern energy efficient hot water solutions.

A modern Hot Water System using advanced Heat Pump technology is 3-500% more efficient than a standard electric hot water cylinder.   Heat pump efficiency translates immediately into a huge 70% on your water heating bills!   Hot water day and night - no more cold showers.

residential solutions

Discuss your requirements.   Let us help you do your bit for the environment

  • Stove & Water Heater Repairs

  • Security Lighting

  • Fans

  • Towel Rail Installations

  • Bathroom Heaters

  • Extra Light, Power, Phone OR TV Outlets

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

  • Switchboard Upgrades

  • Fault Locating

  • Electrical Repairs and Maintenance Service

  • New Home Electrical Installations & Advice

  • Outdoor Lighting

  • Alarm Systems

And much more!

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